Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.0 New Features: InstrumentFinder

Ever since we shipped Toolkit 1.0, we got requests to provide an API to dynamically find instruments just like our Instrument Explorer finds instruments.  With Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.0 for Visual Studio .NET 2003, we delivered on this API and the primary type is called:


It is just a .NET friendly wrapper around VISA’s viOpenDefaultRM, viFindRsrc and viFindNext.  You use it like so:

using Agilent.TMFramework.InstrumentIO.Discovery

using (InstrumentFinder finder = new InstrumentFinder())
    string[] gpib  = finder.FindAllGpibInstrResources();
    string[] tcpip = finder.FindAllTcpipInstrResources();
    string[] instr = finder.FindAllInstrResources();
    string[] asrl  = finder.FindResources("ASRL[1-3]*::?*INSTR");

    string[] idn   = finder.IdentifyInstrResources(gpib);

And yes, we modified Instrument Explorer to use the InstrumentFinder class.

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