Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.0 New Features: Test Automation

Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.0 for Visual Studio .NET 2003 ships with Test Automator which is a powerful tool that simplifies your test creation needs. It offers straightforward sequencing design with a multi-purpose results capture table to provide the flexibility and depth that you have come to expect from Agilent products.

The sequencing design supports global variables (including objects), assignment statements, method calls, limits, if/then logic, for loops, calls to remote Test Automator sequences or DLLs, and calls to internal, local sequences.

The results capture table includes the ability to select which records and which fields you want to include in your results data set, results data set sorting, results data set graphing (three basic graphs), results data set statistics (basic statistics), printing, graphics export, and export to Microsoft Excel, comma separated value (csv) files, and text only files.

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