I’m PDC 2005 Bound

Just registered the other day for the Microsoft PDC 2005.

This will be the sixth PDC for me.  I’ve been to:

  • 1993 – Anaheim – Win32/OLE
  • 1996 – San Francisco – Activating the Intenet
  • 1997 – San Diego – COM3 which was scrapped in favor of .NET (good call)
  • 2000 – Orlando – The unveiling of the .NET Framework (best PDC to date)
  • 2003 – Los Angelos – Whidbey, Yukon and Longhorn.

PDC 2003 was intersting.  The Whidbey and Yukon stuff info was really good and fairly stable.  The Longhorn info was on some pretty early concepts.  It was easy to get caught up in the moment and believe we would be getting all that cool stuff they demo’d in Longhorn.  A couple years later, it appears that the plan was perhaps too ambitious.  While I think the WinFS technology was interesting, I’m quite happy at the moment just having a decent desktop search tool (thank you MSN!).  So I’m not too bummed about losing WinFS.  However, I am really bummed that Monad, the new command line replacment, won’t make it into Longhorn.  Wah!

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