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Finding VirtualMemory Offenders Using Monad

Microsoft’s new command shell and scripting language sports some very powerful capabilities.  I like this particular command to quickly find programs that are eating lots of virtual memory:   > get-process | sort VS -asc:0 | format-table ProcessName,@{label="VirtualMem (M)";Expression={"{0,10:F2}" -f ($_.VS/1M)}} … Continue reading

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Choosing PDC Breakout Sessions

Every PDC always presents me with really hard choices.  I wish I could clone myself and attend two different sessions that are scheduled at the same time.  For example, on Thursday at 1:45 pm there is Anders session on The … Continue reading

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I’m Back

I’ve been taking time off blogging for a while.  Work has kept me pretty busy and the last couple of weeks the pending arrival and then arrival of baby #3 has kept me really busy.  🙂  Hopefully I can get … Continue reading

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