Finding VirtualMemory Offenders Using Monad

Microsoft’s new command shell and scripting language sports some very powerful capabilities.  I like this particular
command to quickly find programs that are eating lots of virtual memory:
> get-process | sort VS -asc:0 | format-table ProcessName,@{label="VirtualMem (M)";Expression={"{0,10:F2}" -f ($_.VS/1M)}} -a
ProcessName      VirtualMem (M)
———–      ————–
sqlservr             576.11
devenv               311.86
dexplore             204.87
dexplore             175.91
msh                  155.80
msh                  126.09
svchost              102.17
TeamBuildService      94.02
explorer              64.12
This particular example takes advantage of format-table hashtables to specify how a particular field should be displayed.  Note that VS is an alias property name for VirtualMemorySize.  There is also an alias for HandleCount called Handles.
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