MSH: Saving and Loading History

MSH keeps track of the various commands you execute.  You can view this history using get-history or the alias ghy.  You can invoke a command in history using invoke-history <number> or the alias ihy <number>.  One of the first things you may want to do is bump up the maximum history count from 64 to something more reasonable like say 256.  You can do this by adding this line to your profile:

Occasionally you might want to transfer you command history from one shell to another.  Here’s a couple of functions and aliases that allow you to easily do this:
set-alias shy Save-History
function Save-History {
    param ([string]$path = "${Home}\msh_history.xml")
    get-history -count $MaximumHistoryCount | export-clixml $path
set-alias lhy Load-History
function Load-History {
    param ([string]$path = "${Home}\msh_history.xml")
    import-clixml $path | add-history
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