MSH: Open MSH Prompt Here Toy

Like the Windows XP Power Toy "Open Command Window Here", this utility installs a context menu item into the Windows Explorer context menu for drives and folders.  The install is a very simple affair.  It verifies that you have MSH installed first, then it creates four reg keys:
With the appropriate default values to launch an MSH prompt at the particular drive or directory.  There’s an MshHere.inf file floating around but INF files are so darn cryptic plus it suffers from a "hard-coded" path to msh.exe.  This installer grabs the location of msh.exe from the registry:
[Updated: 1/10/06 for Beta 3]
and uses that to form the command line for the command registry keys above.  Click here to download the MSI setup file.  When it begins to download, just select Run to install the utility.  If you would prefer to examine the Visual Studio 2005 solution, tweak it and then build a new MSI, click here to dowload a ZIP file containing the solution.
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One Response to MSH: Open MSH Prompt Here Toy

  1. Lee says:

    This is really cool Keith — I saw it on the newsgroup. Let me know when you find a place to host the installer so I can point folks to it!Lee

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