MSH: Script to Search Files Checked into Team Foundation Version Control

Scripts like this, no matter what version control system you use, are very handy.  This particular one is designed to work with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Version Control.  It search recursively from whatever directory you run it from.
# ———————————————————————
# Utility functions for searching the source code
# ———————————————————————
function tfgrepItem {
    param([string]$item, [string]$pattern)
    if (test-path $item -Type Container) {
        $origDir = get-location
        set-location $item
        "–> $item"
        $items = $(tf dir $item | tail +2)
        for ($ndx = 0; $ndx -lt ($items.Length – 2); $ndx++) {
            $leafItem = $items[$ndx]
            if ($leafItem.Trim() -eq "") { continue }
            if ($leafItem[0] -eq "$") {
                $leafItem = $leafItem.Substring(1)
            tfgrepItem $item\$leafItem $pattern
        set-location $origDir
    else {
        $ext = [System.IO.Path]::GetExtension($item)
        # You could use "tf properties" and look at file type to see
        # if it is binary but this slows down the script considerably.
        if ($ext -notmatch "^(dll)|(exe)|(lib)|(png)|(bmp)|(ico)|(jpg)|(jpeg)|(msi)|(msm)$") {
            match-string -Fullname $item -Pattern $pattern -CaseSensitive |
                foreach { "{0}:{1} {2}" -f $_.Filename, $_.LineNumber,`
                          $_.Line.Trim() }
function tfgrep {
    if ($args.Length -ne 1) {
        write-host "`nusage: tfgrep <pattern>`n"
    if ($(tf dir 2>&1) -match "Unable to determine*") {
        write-host "`nThe dir `"$(get-location)`" is not mapped to a Team Foundation project.`n"
    "Searching source in:"
    tfgrepItem $(get-location) $args[0]
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