“Monad” Book Now Available

I just picked up the first book I’ve seen on Monad from my local Barnes & Noble.  It is titled "Monad".  The author is Andy Oakley (a Microsoftie) and the publisher is O’Reilly.  A very quick perusal indicates to me that this is a good introductory book on Monad a.k.a. Microsoft Shell.  Here’s the O’Reilly web page for the book.  Appendix A provides a handy Syntax and Grammar reference and Appendix B provides a list of the standard cmdlets, functions and aliases.  At 173 pages it isn’t an in depth treatise on Monad e.g. it doesn’t cover cmdlet or provider implementation details.  However for a Monad newbie or a sys admin this appears to be a very easily digestable treatment of Monad.  One thing I really like about the book over the MSH docs is that the book spends more time explaining why things are the way they are in sections titled "What Just Happened".  The Monad docs tend to present just the facts without expounding any more which leaves me wanting more.
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2 Responses to “Monad” Book Now Available

  1. Sung says:

    From all the errata and stuff you have mentioned in NewsGroup, i am kind of in doubt about whether to get the book or not though since Monad is still evolving and being changed around a lot…

  2. Keith says:

    So far I\’ve found only the two issues (array byref vs byval and funny foreach (1..12) syntax). Other than that I\’ve picked up a few things I didn\’t know before and I find it\’s a handy reference (Appendix A & B are references to the language, cmdlets and aliases). I think it is a great beginner book. That said, with Beta 3 looming it would probably be worth it to wait and see if much has changed. If not, I\’d recommend book.

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