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Extracting Useful Info About Your Computer Using WMI

There is a whole lot one could write about WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).  Let’s just say that there is a seemingly endless supply of information available about your computer via WMI.  Here are just a few samples using the extremely useful … Continue reading

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Monad Featured on This Week’s Hanselminutes

Scott Hanselman is an ASP.NET MVP who does a weekly 30 minute podcast on various technologies.  Not too long ago Scott posted a blog entry on dealing with XML easily in C#.  I commented on this blog article about how … Continue reading

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Front Range Code Camp Presentation on Windows PowerShell

I’ll be presenting a session on the Windows PowerShell session during the Front Range Code Camp in Denver on May 20th.  Code camps are free and offer content presented mostly by peers in the development community.  If you’re in the … Continue reading

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