MSH Community Extensions (MSH CX) Workspace is Up

I finally found the time to post the little bit of code that I had (Get-Clipboard / Out-Clipboard) to this GotDotNet workspace.  Right away James Manning of the TFS team had some code to contribute – awesome.  He’s added a Team Foundation Version Control provider which is great because I use TFVC daily.  It doesn’t have full coverage just yet but it is a great start!  If you would like to join the workspace or have some ideas on cmdlets or providers you would like to see let me know (email or comment).  You can access the MSH Community Extensions workspace via this link:
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3 Responses to MSH Community Extensions (MSH CX) Workspace is Up

  1. Lee says:

    Hey Keith;
    Have you thought about adding "Monad" to the description anywhere?  Finding the workspace via the GDN search is a little difficult 🙂

  2. Oisin says:

    Hi Keith,
    I pushed the source of my 0.4 sharepoint provider release up today — documentation is forthcoming. I\’ve also provided a generics based derivation of navigablecmdletprovider for easing the task of wiring up hierarchical backing stores. The sharepoint one serves as an example.
    – Oisin G.

  3. Keith says:

    Lee, good idea.  I have added "Monad" to the description.

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