New Name for Monad – Windows PowerShell!

This morning at the Microsoft Management Summit Microsoft announced that Monad / Microsoft Command Shell has been renamed to Windows PowerShell!  Here’s a TG Daily article covering the announcement.  Shell scripts will now use a file extension of .PS1.  The "1" is there for versioning.  That is, if Microsoft decides to make breaking changes they will be able to tell which version of the shell a script expects by the file extension.
With this name change, some of the web resources will change.  There will be a new portal page (eventually) at  The team blog will change to
The first release candidate will be made available today at 10 am on the Microsoft Download center:
The Windows PowerShell is expected to ship sometime in the fourth quarter of 2006.
Since MSH is no longer valid I think we need a new acronym for this shell.  My current favorites are:
PS – PowerShell
PSH –  PowerSHell

POSH – POwer SHell

WPS – Windows PowerShell
WIPS – WIndows PowerShell
Updated: Apparently the Perl Shell usage of PSH isn’t very common and the project isn’t very active.
What do you think?

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