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PowerShellCX CodePlex Project

I’ve been working on moving over bits and pieces of the PowerShellCX project from the GotDotNet site to the new CodePlex site hosted by Microsoft.  I’ve been using Team Foundation Server since well before it released and I love it.  … Continue reading

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Minidump Crash Analysis with PowerShell

Our commercial application mails home a minidump report when it crashes, that is if the customers presses the "Send" button on the error dialog.  Analyzing these has helped us fix defects that had existed years earlier but were apparently hard to … Continue reading

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CMDLET Style XML Pretty Print: Format-Xml

That last attempt was kind of lame I admit.  Let’s try again with a more well rounded CMDLET style PowerShell function:   # ———————————————————————# Author:    Keith Hill# Desc:      CMDLET to pretty print XML.# Usage:     This file contains a function-based CMDLET.  … Continue reading

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XML Pretty Print in PowerShell

This has probably already been done several times but here’s my take on an XML pretty print function written in PowerShell:   function XmlPrettyPrint([string]$xml) {    $tr = new-object System.IO.StringReader($xml)    $settings = new-object System.Xml.XmlReaderSettings    $settings.CloseInput = $true    $settings.IgnoreWhitespace = $true    $reader … Continue reading

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