XML Pretty Print in PowerShell

This has probably already been done several times but here’s my take on an XML pretty print function written in PowerShell:
function XmlPrettyPrint([string]$xml) {
    $tr = new-object System.IO.StringReader($xml)
    $settings = new-object System.Xml.XmlReaderSettings
    $settings.CloseInput = $true
    $settings.IgnoreWhitespace = $true
    $reader = [System.Xml.XmlReader]::Create($tr, $settings)
    $sw = new-object System.IO.StringWriter
    $settings = new-object System.Xml.XmlWriterSettings
    $settings.CloseOutput = $true
    $settings.Indent = $true
    $writer = [System.Xml.XmlWriter]::Create($sw, $settings)
    while (!$reader.EOF) {
        $writer.WriteNode($reader, $false)
    $result = $sw.ToString()
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2 Responses to XML Pretty Print in PowerShell

  1. Sung says:

    Scott Hanselman did do a post about it and I have tried to modify his function to accept a pipeline input but it just doesn\’t look pretty although the output might look pretty 😉

  2. Keith says:

    OK, you shamed me into writing a better one.  See the next blog post.  🙂

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