PowerShellCX CodePlex Project

I’ve been working on moving over bits and pieces of the PowerShellCX project from the GotDotNet site to the new CodePlex site hosted by Microsoft.  I’ve been using Team Foundation Server since well before it released and I love it.  Needless to say I was totally psych’d to find out about CodePlex and set to trying to get PowerShellCX moved to it.  It took a while and some help from within Microsoft but we got er done.  It is sooo much nicer working with the TF version control on CodePlex versus the, uh, less than stellar solution on GotDotNet.
Anyway here is a status update.  The solution builds and if you kick it over to the Release configuration it should also build the Setup project.  The installer installs the PsCx.CoreSnapin.dll along with a very incomplete PsCs.CoreSnapin.dll-Help.xml file.  It also creates a Windows Explorer context menu entry – "Open PowerShell Here".  In order to use the snapin, you have to manually add the snapin like so:
PoSH C:\> Add-PSSnapin PsCx.CoreSnapin
After than you have access to some very alpha cmdlets:
  • Get-Clipboard
  • Out-Clipboard
  • Write-Clipboard
  • ConvertTo-Base64
  • ConvertFrom-Base64
  • Join-String

Anyway if you have any suggestions on cmdlets or want to check out the bits, go to the CodePlex PowerShellCX site at:


Ya know it would be nice if the CodePlex folks could give projects a simpler URL like say:

http://projects.codeplex.com/powershellcx or something like that.

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