Microsoft PowerShell Conference

I’m sitting here in building 20 (aka the Platform Adoption Center) on the Microsoft campus in a packed room of folks learning all about how to build MMC 3.0 snapins.  Later on, the Microsoft folks are going to cover creating cmdlets and providers.  I was very impressed at the relative ease of creating MMC 3.0 snapins using WinForms.  I was also impressed by the Exhange 2007 team’s demo of their MMC 3.0 snapins layered over top of their PowerShell cmdets.  Very cool stuff.  And as always, it is energizing to hear Jeffrey Snover evangelize PowerShell.  🙂
Have a look at MMC 3.0.  You can download the english version here.
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One Response to Microsoft PowerShell Conference

  1. Douglas says:

    Thanks for blogging this. I couldn\’t get an invatation 😦

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