PowerShell Community Extensions 0.1 Alpha Released

We have posted the 0.1 alpha release of PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) as a preview of what we’re working on for PSCX.  It targets PowerShell RC2 so you will need to have that installed before installing PSCX.   Besides providing the cmdlets listed below it also installs a "Open PowerShell Here" context menu entry for drives and folders in Windows Explorer and it also adds a nice PowerShell icon for script files as well as giving the .PS1 file type a more user friendly name.  I don’t know about you but I arrange my details view in Windows Explorer by file type and seeing PS1 files isn’t as nice as seeing "Window PowerShell Script".  🙂
Anyway please try it out.  You can download it from the project homepage on CodePlex:
Please use the Discussions forum on the CodePlex project site to ask questions.  You can also use the Issue Tracker to submit defects or enhancement requests.  Or if you prefer, just post the issue in the Discussion forums. 
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