PSCX Update

We are getting close to releasing a new version of PowerShell Community Extensions.  The change log for this release is looking like this at the moment:
What’s New in this Release

New install options:
Option to install a shared profile that includes many useful filters, functions and aliases.

New cmdlets:

New aliases:
To see all the PSCX defined aliases execute the following at the PoSh prompt:

Get-Alias | ?{$_.Description -match "^PSCX"}

Note that these only get defined if you choose to install the PSCX provided profile.

Changes to exisiting cmdlets:

Format-Xml now handles literal paths via -LiteralPath parameter.
New-Process renamed to Start-Process and simplified.
Out-Clipboard now accepts a -Width parameter to control wrapping of the text put on the clipboard.
Set-FileDate renamed to Set-FileTime.  Also removed ability to create files.
Split-String – swapped order of parameters to place -Separator parameter at first position.

New providers:
FeedStoreProvider – requires IE7

So keep your eyes on the PSCX CodePlex project for a new release in the next week or so.  Better yet, subscribe to the PSCX RSS Feed.

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