PowerShell Community Extensions 1.0 Released!

Wow!  That was quite a push for me to get this out.  There’s a number of new cmdlets in 1.0 as well as a lot more filters, functions and aliases as well as a good start Profile script.  I sure hope that you will find PSCX useful.  You can download it from:


If you run into problems please report them here:


BTW if you have suggestions, you can log them in this same location as a new work item of type "feature".

The readme and about_pscx help topic are attached for you to check out what is new in version 1.0.  For me personally, I’m really liking the Get-CmdletMaml cmdlet which reflects over a snapin assembly and produces PowerShell MAML help.  It uses a number of attributes defined by PowerShell and .NET as well as some defined by PSCX.

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