PowerShell Community Extensions Update

The team for PSCX has been growing.  We’ve had some great contributions by the new members.  Our next planned release is a 1.1 release to hopefully coincide with the PowerShell Vista release at the end of January.  We’ve got a number of new cmdlets in the works:
  • Get-FileVersionInfo
  • Get-Random
  • Get-ADObject
  • Get-DhcpServer
  • Get-DomainController
  • Get-PEHeader
  • Get-ReparsePoint
  • New-Shortcut
  • New-SymLink
  • New-Junction
  • Ping-Host
  • Resolve-Host
  • Resize-Bitmap
  • Set-Clipboard
  • Test-Assembly
plus a bunch of miscellaneous enhancements to the existing cmdlets.  Hopefully we should have the install issue with Vista worked out.
BTW anytime you want to see what’s coming new the next release of PSCX go to the Releases page.  Open up Planned Releases and click on the release link, in this case 1.1.  This is a very nice feature provided by the Team Foundation underpinnings of CodePlex.  Not everything in 1.1 is listed there but in the future these lists should get better as we get more diligent about creating work items for the work that we do.
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