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PowerShell Getting Mad Props From eWeek Article

eWeek put out an article yesterday titled Command Line Makes A Comeback.  It is not only a good, fair view of PowerShell.  It is quite favorable.  I like this quote early on in the article: "Fortunately, Microsoft has again turned … Continue reading

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Getting Properties of All Win32_* WMI Objects in PowerShell

I ran across the need today to display all the properties of each Win32_* WMI object.  To cut to the chase, this is what worked (thanks to /\/\o\/\/) for a bit of help simplifying this:   gwmi -list | where {$_.__class … Continue reading

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Select-Xml Cmldet for PSCX 1.1

We have a new cmdlet coming in PSCX 1.1 (due out in mid February) that is pretty darn handy when you need to query some XML using XPath especially if that XML uses namespaces.  In the past, I have blogged about how to … Continue reading

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Get-PropertyValue in PowerShell Community Extensions

Get-PropertyValue, alias gpv, is an easy way to get and/or display just the specified property of an object in the pipeline.  Where this really comes in handy is when you are in discovery mode and just want to figure out how … Continue reading

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Get-Clipboard and Out-Clipboard in PSCX

PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) has a couple of handy cmdlets for dealing with clipboard text.  Get-Clipboard alias gcb, gets the current clipboard text and sends it down the pipe.  I find this useful when copying PowerShell scripts or other text from … Continue reading

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Checking for a Null or Empty String

It is quite common when writing PowerShell script that you need to check if a variable, which is supposed to be a string, is not null or empty before processing it.  I see many folks use [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($str) including myself in … Continue reading

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Get-TypeName Function Helps Understand What’s Going Down the Pipe

One of the most important concepts to understand about Windows PowerShell is that objects are processed in the pipeline and not text or binary.  To help understand this and to help debug your PowerShell commands that use the pipeline it … Continue reading

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Renewed as Windows PowerShell MVP

Woohoo!  I just got email yesterday notifying me that I have been re-awarded MVP status for Windows Server – Admin Tools a.k.a. Windows PowerShell in my case.  I’ve been pretty busy the past month working on the 1.0 PowerShell Community … Continue reading

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