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Talking about PowerShell Extended Types (includes a TYPES.XSD)

Jim Truher was kind enough to write up some information on getting the most out of PowerShell’s extended type system by showing you how to create your own custom modifications.  I modified his starting schema just a bit to make … Continue reading

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Finding What’s Been Added to PowerShell

Jeffrey did a nice little write-up titled Detecting Conflicts between Aliases, Functions, and Cmdlets over on the PowerShell team blog.  We devised some scripts for PSCX 1.1 to help with a similar problem.  That is, when you have six or … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1 Released

It’s been quite the push to get the 1.1 version out but now it’s done.  Tonight I posted the 1.1 bits to CodePlex.  Here’s the announcement we made on the PowerShell Newsgroup:   PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1 has been released!  This … Continue reading

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