PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1 Released

It’s been quite the push to get the 1.1 version out but now it’s done.  Tonight I posted the 1.1 bits to CodePlex.  Here’s the announcement we made on the PowerShell Newsgroup:

PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1 has been released!  This version adds significant new functionality that is documented in the attached About_Pscx.Help.txt file.  I would like to thank Alex Angelopoulos, Oisin Grehan, Matt Hamilton, Reinhard Lehrbaum Mark Maier and especially Jachym Kouba for his major contributions to PSCX 1.1.  You can download PSCX 1.1 from:
This release now supports installation on Vista and x64 editions of Windows.  If you discover any issues please either post to the PSCX project discussion forum at:
or submit a work item at:
Some of my favorite additions are:
  • Write-BZip2/GZip/Tar/Zip
  • Select-Xml (XPath queries with easy namespace/prefix management).
  • Get-PEHeader – the developer types will like this
  • Get-FileVersionInfo
  • Get-Random
  • Resolve-Assembly
  • Test-Assembly – is a file a .NET assembly
  • Ping-Host
  • Resolve-Host
  • Assembly cache (GAC) provider
  • Directory services provider
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