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New PSCX Eye Candy for Vista

If you are using PSCX 1.1.1 and are running on Vista and your not too attached to your own prompt function, I encourage you to try out EyeCandy.Vista.ps1.  This works best if you are running the PSCX profile.  If so, … Continue reading

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Sorting IPAddresses the PowerShell Way

A question came up on the PowerShell newsgroup about how to sort IP addresses in PowerShell.  The poster had down this in Linux like so: #> cat ips | awk -F. ‘{printf("%03d.%03d.%03d.%03d\n", $1,$2,$3,$4)};’ | sort -n -t "." | awk -F. … Continue reading

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Using C# 3.0 Extensions Methods to Simplify WinForms Thread Marshalling

Most folks know by now that if you don’t call a WinForms control method on the same thread that created it, you are asking for trouble.  In fact on .NET 2.0 the WinForms team did the right thing in throwing … Continue reading

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Elevate function in PSCX 1.1.1

Here’s a useful function especially if you are on Vista and have left UAC enabled.  If you install PSCX 1.1.1 and use the PSCX default profile you will get this function dot sourced in via the profile.  However if you … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1.1 Released!

It took a little while but we finally got a lot of the issues resolved that you reported in PSCX 1.1.  Tonight (well *early* this morning) I released PSCX 1.1.1.  This release is a primarily a maintenance release.  It fixes … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Habits/Traits of a Great Software Developer

Masters their primary programming language and support library.  If you’re a .NET developer around here that means C# and the .NET Framework.  This one is fairly obvious, right?  These tools are your bread and butter. Masters their development tools especially the debugging tools.  You … Continue reading

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Optimizing Performance of Get-Content for Large Files

Every so often a question comes across the PowerShell newsgroup about why Get-Content is so slow when reading large log files.  The typical answer is to use Microsoft’s LogParser utility.  However that isn’t always satisfying if you want to … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions 1.1.1 Soon

The PSCX team is getting real close to releasing PSCX 1.1.1.  This is primarily a bug fix release where we have fixed the limitation of the ADSI provider stopping at 1000 objects plus ~30 other issues.  There are a few … Continue reading

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Quick Test for PowerShell Dot Source Library Scripts

We tend to write a lot of shared PowerShell functions and variable definitions which we package into a library script that we dot source into multiple scripts.  In order to really test a change to our library scripts it requires running … Continue reading

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