New PSCX Eye Candy for Vista

If you are using PSCX 1.1.1 and are running on Vista and your not too attached to your own prompt function, I encourage you to try out EyeCandy.Vista.ps1.  This works best if you are running the PSCX profile.  If so, just modify the following lines like so:

# —————————————————————————
# You can modify every aspect of the PSCX prompt appearance by
# creating your own eye-candy script.
# —————————————————————————
## $PscxEyeCandyScriptPreference = ‘.\EyeCandy.Jachym.ps1’
## $PscxEyeCandyScriptPreference = ‘.\EyeCandy.Keith.ps1’
$PscxEyeCandyScriptPreference = ‘.\EyeCandy.Vista.ps1’

With the EyeCandy.Vista settings there is no mistaking an elevated PowerShell session from a non-elevated session.  🙂  The elevated session turns the background color to the DarkRed.  Now it turns out that in my humble opinion DarkRead isn’t dark enough to get a good contrast between the background color and error output color.  This can be easily fixed though.  Fire up an elevated PowerShell.  If you are using the PSCX profile, just execute "su".  When the new PowerShell window appears it should have a dark red background.  Select the system menu (upper left corner by the PowerShell icon) and then select Properties.  Now select the Colors tab and then the Screen Background radio button.  Select the DarkRed color and change the "Red:" value to 80 as shown below:

This gives a pretty good contrast for error output and makes darn sure you know when you are in an elevated PowerShell session on Vista.

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