PowerShell v2 CTP Coming Next Week

So our first peek at what is coming in v2 of PowerShell is nearly here.  There are a couple of provisos you should be aware of.  This is a community technology "preview".  It isn’t even of beta quality.  Second, it does not install side-by-side with V1.  You have to uninstall V1 first if you decide to install this CTP.  My advice for any beta software and *ESPECIALLY* CTP software is to *NEVER* install this on your main machine or a production machine.  A virtual machine is the way to go on this type of pre-release software.  Personally I use Virtual PC and I plan to run v2 CTP on the Orcas Beta 2 Virtual PC image.  Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is FREE!  There really isn’t much of an excuse not to try it out at least.  You can get started with the free download from here.  Anybody that wants to also try out VS 2008 Beta 2, can grab the VPC images from here.  Please read more about the v2 PowerShell CTP on the PowerShell blog.  They have a good post on setting expectations for this CTP.

PowerShell Community Extensions Impact:

It appears that PSCX will install and run on this CTP.  It seems that v2 of PowerShell, in this CTP at least, is compatible with snapins built against v1.  There is at least one problem that we have identified and it has to do with a type data conflict.  If you install PSCX 1.1.1 on the v2 CTP, please edit this file $PscxHome\TypeData\FileSystem.ps1xml after you have installed PSCX and remove the following section:


Save the file and re-add the PSCX snapin (or start a new PoSh session if you’re using the PSCX profile) and you shouldn’t get any startup errors.

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One Response to PowerShell v2 CTP Coming Next Week

  1. Graham says:

    Thanks for the fix. It worked!

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