Updated My Zune30 to Version 2.2

Wow!  How cool is it that Microsoft didn’t leave the early adopters of the Zune out in the cold WRT the features available in the new Zune models.  I just updated my PC side Zune software and my device and yes finally, I can easily sync up Media Center recorded TV onto my Zune and play it back.  I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed that this feature wasn’t available when the Zune first shipped but hey, better late than never.  I also really dig the support they have added for syncing podcasts.  The "Social" aspect on the Zune software service is interesting.  Folks can view what you have been listening to and what your favorites songs are.  You can out my Zune Card here.  I would like to see them extend this concept to what podcasts folks are listening to.

FYI some folks upgrading to the new PC side Zune software have been running into problems with mixed up album art.  I ran into this issue and found this post in the Zune forums which fixed the issue for me.

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