PowerShell Community Extensions – It’s the Little Things

Today I was posting about an issue I was having with Team Foundation Server 2008 HTML alert emails that get generated for check-ins.  The second column in the details area of the email is way too narrow.  I was able to copy/paste the HTML into Expression Web so I could get to the HTML.  I wanted to post that HTML into the MSDN Forum post editor but, well, it doesn’t like you putting in non-escaped HTML.  Fortunately PowerShell and PSCX are at my beckon call.  Here is all I had to do to escape my HTML so I could paste it into the HtmlView of the MSDN forum editor:

PS> Get-Clipboard | Foreach {[System.Web.HttpUtility]::HtmlEncode($_)} | Out-Clipboard  

I just love tools that save me time!

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