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Poor Man’s File/Directory Name Indexer Using Windows PowerShell

The following is a script that I have set up on my dev PCs to run nightly via a scheduled task: ## CatalogFileSystem.ps1param([string[]]$paths)Set-PSDebug -Strict function Main { foreach ($path in $Paths) { if (!(Test-Path $path -PathType Container)) { Write-Error "’$path’ … Continue reading

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Northern Colorado .NET User Group Windows PowerShell Presentation

Tonight I gave a one hour introductory talk on Windows PowerShell to my local .NET user group.  The primary focus of this talk was to show how PowerShell should be interesting to .NET developers.  As promised, here is the slide … Continue reading

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Effective PowerShell Item 13: Comparing Arrays in Windows PowerShell

PowerShell has a lot of useful operators such as -contains which tests if an array contains an particular element.  But as far as I can tell PowerShell doesn’t "seem" to provide an easy way to test if two array’s contents … Continue reading

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Effective PowerShell Item 12: Understanding ByValue Pipeline Bound Parameters

In item 11, I covered ByPropertyName pipeline bound parameters.  In this post, I’ll cover the other variety of pipeline binding – ByValue.  ByValue binding takes the input object itself and attempts to bind it by type using type coercion if … Continue reading

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Windows PowerShell V2 CTP2 Is Available

The PowerShell team just posted the announcement late last night.  There is a download link in the announcement.  This drop has lots of new features like Module support for organizing and loading related functionality as well as transaction support for … Continue reading

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