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Back from PDC 2008

It was a good PDC.  I have to admit, even though Ray Ozzie is a very capable speaker, there was something missing in keynotes without BillG being there.  Plus he was usually good for one really funny, self-deprecating video.  Personally … Continue reading

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PDC Updates via Twitter

If you are interested in following my PDC experience check out my Twitter page:

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PDC 2008 Monday Keynote Photo

Interesting stuff.  Windows Azure, code name Red Dog, is truly a cloud OS in that it appears to run not just on one machine but many.  It’s built on a scale-out approach instead of scale-up.  There was mention of some … Continue reading

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Nother PowerShell Convert in the Making?

I ran into Ian Griffiths in the PDC bookstore today.  .NET smart client devs would probably know him as the author of books on WinForms and WPF programming and course instructor on those topics.  He was buying Bruce’s Windows PowerShell … Continue reading

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PDC 2008 – Precon

Got into LA last night and attended Charles Petzold’s WPF Code and Concepts precon session.  Good stuff.  I bought a few books from the bookstore MS set up at the PDC and got this free .NET 4.0 poster.  It has a … Continue reading

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PDC 2008 Bound

I’ll be at the PDC next week.  I get there Saturday night to attend a Sunday pre-con.  If any of you PowerShellers are going to be at the PDC, drop me a line.  I’d like to meet you and talk … Continue reading

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Turning Off Blog Comments

I’ve had enough of the comment spam and I ain’t taking it no more.  I’ve been wasting too much time deleting (using Live Spaces rather lame blog management UI) comment spam.  I’ve seen enough “Wow gold” and “cheap laptop battery” … Continue reading

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