Turning Off Blog Comments

I’ve had enough of the comment spam and I ain’t taking it no more.  I’ve been wasting too much time deleting (using Live Spaces rather lame blog management UI) comment spam.  I’ve seen enough “Wow gold” and “cheap laptop battery” from a certain region of the world to last me for a life time.  To those few, in that region, who abuse this wonderful medium, may your hard drive’s heads gouge deeply into each platter and your CPUs melt into a pile of silicon junk.  Somedays don’t you wish there was a *69 equivalent for the internet?  🙂

BTW I have complained to Live Spaces support a number of times about comment spam and I have to say they appear to be completely freakin’ clueless about this issue based on the responses I’ve gotten.  Where’s the Captcha support?  How about a setting that says “Don’t let anyone post a comment unless I have perms to view their site – and report abuse on them”.  It’s really a bummer because I learn from the folks who post comments on my blog.  If Live Spaces ever improves their ability to block comment spam I will turn comments back on.  Until then, you can reach me by sending me a message.  Please do if you find an error in one of my posts.  I’ll update the post and accredit the correction to you.

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