PDC 2008 – Precon

Got into LA last night and attended Charles Petzold’s WPF Code and Concepts precon session.  Good stuff.  I bought a few books from the bookstore MS set up at the PDC and got this free .NET 4.0 poster.  It has a number of interesting goodies on it like:
  • System.BigInteger
  • System.Complex
  • System.Collections.Concurrent (from PFX I think)
  • System.Collections.Generic.SortedSet
  • System.Data.Common.EntitySqlParser
  • System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles
  • System.Linq.ParallelEnumerable (from PFX)
  • System.Threading.Parallel/LazyInit/SpinLock (from PFX)
  • System.ServiceModel.Discovery.AnnoucementClient/DiscoveryClient/ServiceDiscoveryBehavior
  • System.Windows.Controls.Calendar/DataGrid/DatePicker/Ribbon/RibbonWindow
  • System.Windows.Input.TouchPoint/TouchDevice
  • System.Windows.VisualState/VisualStateGroup/VisualStateManager (back ported from Silverlight 2 ??)
  • System.Web.Mvc
  • System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting
  • System.Workflow (lots of stuff here – Sequence/StateMachine, etc)
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