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Windows 7 Media Center Update

Well my cheap-o ($50) 500 GB hard drive went belly up with a “S.M.A.R.T status bad” error after just two days – RMA time.  So it was off to Best Buy for a replacement drive.  I completely reinstalled Windows 7 … Continue reading

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PDC 2008 Recap Presentation

Jeff Certain (VB MVP) and I gave a PDC 2008 recap last night at the Northern Colorado .NET User Group.  It went pretty good given the short notice.  Jeff contacted me earlier that day and told me the presentation had been pushed … Continue reading

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Team Foundation PowerShell PSSnapin in October Team Foundation Power Tools Drop

Oh thank you, thank you TFS team!!!  This is a great development because it enables version control queries for mere mortals (ie those of us not well versed in SQL Reporting Services).  It also enables easily scriptable queries.  With the … Continue reading

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Taking Windows 7 Media Center for a Spin

After getting back from the PDC, the Windows 7 excitement drove me to upgrade my old Gateway FMC-901X running MCE 2005 (pre-rollup 2) to Windows 7 Media Center.  I bought 2 GB of memory for it and a new 500 … Continue reading

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Windows 7 “Personal Documents” – You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

Take a look at this screen from the PDC M3 Win7 build: WTF??? Is that schizophrenic or what?  Fortunately, at the very least, the real folder name appears to be “Documents” from the command line.  Whew!  However the Windows Explorer … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Resource Monitor

Handle lists, searching for handle names, cool!  I wonder if Mark Russinovich had a hand in this?  Whoever it was, we owe them some thanks!  SysInternals is a great set of tools but it is so nice to have this … Continue reading

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C# 4 – It’s a Dynamic World After All

Well after years of maintaining a pure statically type checked face, the C# team is relenting a bit on this stance.  In C# 4.0 you will be able to write code that uses late binding in a much easier way.  … Continue reading

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