Windows 7 Media Center Update

A few weeks ago I repaved the family Media Center to the official Windows 7 Beta.  The results have been good.  We no longer get any “Copying Prohibited” errors thank goodness!  That was driving the family crazy.  We do notice some lingering issues though with the primary one being that we can’t play movie DVDs.  This one is odd because I can see all the various DVD files (IFO, etc) and the movie starts just a bit and then hangs.  I can’t get to the Root or Title menus.  Oh well, at least the kids can watch all their movies off of our Windows Home Server.  Other issues we notice is that if we leave Media Center playing TV, turn off the TV and go away for a while, when we come back the Media Center screen is blank and won’t come back.  You can Alt+F4 to close the Media Center app and re-launch it.  Unfortunately this bug seems to be new to the Beta.  We didn’t have this problem with the M3 build.  Finally we notice random sluggishness is the Media Center UI.  It sometimes comes back on its own and other times we need to kill the Media Center app and re-launch it.  Other than that, we are pretty happy with this build.  Just not having to worry about your shows not recording all the way because of the “Copying Prohibited” errors is a big relief.

Regarding the new taskbar, I’ve been using Windows 7 on my primary PC at home (dual booting with Vista) and I have to say I like it.  Except for the launching of a second instance of an application.  I have come to like the middle mouse button click (or Shift+Click) to force the new taskbar to launch a new instance of the application.  However I worry about this not being very obvious to the casual user.   Then again, perhaps it is only us power users that launch more than one instance of an application?

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