PowerShell Community Extensions 1.2 Released

We have released PSCX 1.2 just in time for Windows 7 RTM availability on MSDN and TechNet.  Thanks to those folks who tried out the beta for the past three months!  And a huge thanks goes to PowerShell MVP Oisin Grehan who put a lot of effort into 1.2 and is the reason you have Read-Archive and Expand-Archive cmdlets among other new features.
The big enhancements for 1.2 are:
  • Supports both PowerShell version 1.0 and 2.0
  • Installer updated to allow you to choose between A) install PSCX  default profile, B) append PSCX init script to your existing profile or C) don’t mess with my profile.
  • PSCX settings provider so that there is no impact on your global variables
Major New Cmdlets
  • Read-Archive
  • Expand-Archive
  • Tail-File (with ability to wait for new output e.g. tail -f)
  • Get/Push/Pop-EnvironmentBlock for saving and restoring the state of your environment variables

New Scripts

  • Invoke-BatchFile (eg InvokeBatchFile vcvarsall x86 and yes the environment variables created in the batch file persist into the PowerShell session)
I hope you find as much utility in these cmdlets as I have.  I use them everyday – of course!  If you have any feedback please log it on the CodePlex project site on either the discussion forum or issue tracker.  And if you download PSCX and are passionate about it (one way or the other), please write a review on the download page for 1.2
Next up for PSCX is 2.0 which will most likely target only PowerShell 2.0 and come in Module form.
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