PSCX 3.2.1 Pushed to the PowerShellGallery

When you get your shiny new Windows 10 system up and running and want to get PSCX 3.2.1 installed, just drop to the console and execute:

Install-Module Pscx -Scope CurrentUser

If you are running from an elevated prompt, you can skip providing the “-Scope CurrentUser” and Pscx will be installed for all users.  However if you aren’t running in an elevated session, the “CurrentUser” scope is the only scope PowerShell can install into with standard user privileges.

There have been a few bug fixes to Pscx to make it work better on PowerShell 5.0.  The Get-Parameter command has been updated to not generate errors when trying to determine dynamic parameters for the available providers.  There’s also a new parameter, SkipProviderParameters, that will speed up discovery of parameters at the expense of not listing any provider specific parameters.  Expand-Archive has been updated to output DirectoryInfo and FileInfo objects of created directories and files if the PassThru parameter is specified.

Keep in that there are some commands that overlap with PowerShell 5.0.  Those are:

  • Format-Hex
  • Get-Clipboard
  • Set-Clipboard
  • Expand-Archive

To ensure you get the Pscx version of these commands, use Pscx\<command_name>.  To use the PowerShell versions, you use the appropriate module prefix: Microsoft.PowerShel.Utility, Microsoft.PowerShell.Management and Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive.

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