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PowerShell Tidbit: Capturing a ScreenShot with PowerShell

This is a crude approach but works for capturing the main window of an application who’s process object you can find –typically via Get-Process.  If you run this script from PowerShell.exe or PowerShell_ISE.exe you will capture a screen shot of … Continue reading

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PSReadLine: A Better Line Editing Experience for the PowerShell Console

When Windows PowerShell 3.0 shipped, the team created an extensibility mechanism to allow a third party to “take over” the line editing experience.  That hook is a function called PSConsoleHostReadline that PowerShell will call – if it exists – to … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions 3.1.0 Released

We released a minor update to PSCX that adds support for Windows PowerShell 4.0 in addition to its support for PowerShell 3.0.  You can grab the updated bits for your shiny new Windows 8.1 or WMF 4.0 install here.

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Calling WinRT Async Methods from Windows PowerShell

Windows 8 introduced a new API for modern applications called the Windows Runtime API or WinRT API for short.  One of the hallmarks of this API is that it eschews synchronous methods for any method that could take longer than … Continue reading

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Windows PowerShell V3 Language Specification Posted

You can download it here.

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PSCX 2.1 and 3.0 Release Candidates Posted

Oisin and I have been busy prepping the PowerShell Community Extensions to support Windows PowerShell 3.0.  With this release, we are providing two packages.  There is a that is xcopy deployable just like PSCX 2.0.  Just remember to unblock … Continue reading

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PSCX 3.0 Beta Released

We’ve just released a beta of the PowerShell Community Extensions 3.0 which targets PowerShell 3.0 specifically.  This new version uses a WiX based installer.  We may look at providing an xcopy deployable ZIP file but we had so many users … Continue reading

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