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PSCX 3.2.1 Pushed to the PowerShellGallery

When you get your shiny new Windows 10 system up and running and want to get PSCX 3.2.1 installed, just drop to the console and execute: Install-Module Pscx -Scope CurrentUser If you are running from an elevated prompt, you can … Continue reading

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DNVM Execution Results in Get-Help Error in PowerShell

If you are running dnvm with no parameters on PowerShell with PSCX, you’re likely to see this error: 4> dnvm You must specify a command! ___ _ ___ ____ ___ / _ \/ |/ / | / / |/ / … Continue reading

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PSCX 3.2.0 Available

A new version of the PowerShell Community Extensions was released this morning on CodePlex.  PSCX 3.2.0 is also available on the PowerShell Resource Gallery Preview site which means you can use the new Install-Module command in WMF 5.0 Preview and … Continue reading

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PSCX 2.1 and 3.0 Release Candidates Posted

Oisin and I have been busy prepping the PowerShell Community Extensions to support Windows PowerShell 3.0.  With this release, we are providing two packages.  There is a that is xcopy deployable just like PSCX 2.0.  Just remember to unblock … Continue reading

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PSCX 3.0 Beta Released

We’ve just released a beta of the PowerShell Community Extensions 3.0 which targets PowerShell 3.0 specifically.  This new version uses a WiX based installer.  We may look at providing an xcopy deployable ZIP file but we had so many users … Continue reading

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PSCX 2.1 Beta 1 Available for Download

I just uploaded beta 1 for the PowerShell Community Extensions version 2.1.  This beta drop adds better support for Windows PowerShell V3 that is in the Windows 8 Developer Preview.  There are a number of bug fixes in this drop: … Continue reading

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What’s in PSCX 2.0

Some questions are coming up about the contents of PSCX 2.0.  Here’s what in it: CMDLETS: Add-PathVariableClear-MSMQueueConvertFrom-Base64ConvertTo-Base64ConvertTo-MacOs9LineEndingConvertTo-MetricConvertTo-UnixLineEndingConvertTo-WindowsLineEndingConvert-XmlDisconnect-TerminalSessionExpand-ArchiveExport-BitmapFormat-ByteFormat-HexFormat-XmlGet-ADObjectGet-AdoConnectionGet-AdoDataProviderGet-AlternateDataStreamGet-ClipboardGet-DhcpServerGet-DomainControllerGet-DriveInfoGet-EnvironmentBlockGet-FileTailGet-FileVersionInfoGet-ForegroundWindowGet-HashGet-HttpResourceGet-LoremIpsumGet-MountPointGet-MSMQueueGet-OpticalDriveInfoGet-PathVariableGet-PEHeaderGet-PrivilegeGet-PSSnapinHelpGet-ReparsePointGet-ShortPathGet-TabExpansionGet-TerminalSessionGet-TypeNameGet-UptimeImport-BitmapInvoke-AdoCommandInvoke-ApartmentJoin-StringNew-HardlinkNew-JunctionNew-MSMQueueNew-ShortcutNew-SymlinkOut-ClipboardPing-HostPop-EnvironmentBlockPush-EnvironmentBlockRead-ArchiveReceive-MSMQueueRemove-AlternateDataStreamRemove-MountPointRemove-ReparsePointResolve-HostSend-MSMQueueSend-SmtpMailSet-BitmapSizeSet-ClipboardSet-FileTimeSet-ForegroundWindowSet-PathVariableSet-PrivilegeSet-VolumeLabelSkip-ObjectSplit-StringStart-TabExpansionStop-TerminalSessionTest-AlternateDataStreamTest-AssemblyTest-MSMQueueTest-ScriptTest-UserGroupMembershipTest-XmlUnblock-FileWrite-BZip2Write-ClipboardWrite-GZipWrite-TarWrite-Zip FUNCTIONS:Add-DirectoryLengthAdd-ShortPathDismount-VHDEdit-FileEdit-HostProfileEdit-ProfileEnable-OpenPowerShellHereGet-ChildItemGet-HelpGet-PropertyValueGet-ScreenCssGet-ScreenHtmlGet-ViewDefinitionhelpInvoke-BatchFileInvoke-ElevatedInvoke-GCInvoke-MethodInvoke-NullCoalescingInvoke-ReflectorInvoke-TernarylessMount-VHDNew-HashObjectOut-SpeechpromptQuoteListQuoteStringResolve-ErrorRecordResolve-HResultResolve-WindowsErrorSearch-TranscriptSet-LocationExSet-ReadOnlySet-WritableShow-TreeStop-RemoteProcess ALIASES: Name                           Definition—-                           ———-?:                             Invoke-Ternary??                             Invoke-NullCoalescingcall                           Invoke-Methodcvxml                          Convert-Xmle                              Edit-Fileehp                            Edit-HostProfileep                             Edit-Profilefhex                           Format-Hexfxml                           Format-Xmlgcb                            Get-Clipboardgpv                            Get-PropertyValuegtn                            Get-TypeNameigc                            Invoke-GCln                             New-HardLinklorem                          Get-LoremIpsumnho                            New-HashObjectocb                            Out-Clipboardql                             QuoteListqs                             … Continue reading

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PSCX 2.0 Show-Tree

One issue with PowerShell providers is that only the Filesystem and Registry providers’ hierarchies are easily viewable using Windows Explorer and Regedit respectively.  The other PowerShell providers are mostly without such a view.  This is problematic for providers that supply … Continue reading

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PSCX 2.0 Released

Finally! We’ve gotten PSCX 2.0 finished and released.  A few notes about this release.  It targets only Windows PowerShell 2.0 as it is module based.  Also, the deployment of the PSCX 2.0 is xcopy.  There is no installer.  For more … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions 2.0 Beta Released

We have released a new beta of PSCX that is complete module based and as such, only works with Windows PowerShell 2.0.  You can have both 1.2 and 2.0 installed on the same system.  You just alternate between Add-PSSnapin for … Continue reading

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