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Windows PowerShell Has Moved Up to #15 on the TIOBE Programming Community Index

The popularity of PowerShell is shooting through the roof right now.  Check out this TIOBE index from August 2008.  Notice the delta in position rating on PowerShell. What is that, like 10 up arrows. Impressive.

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Error “Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk”

I got asked this question by someone I can’t seem to reply to. Anyway the scenario involves Unix, Macs and PCs writing to the same Samba server.  The file attributes indicate readonly, hidden and system.  The use of the -force … Continue reading

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Finding Which Executables Use A DLL Entry Point

Raymod Chen wrote a blog post called "Don’t be helpless: …" where he shows a batch command to start the process of finding which executables use a particular DLL entry point. for /f %i in (dlls.txt) do ^ @echo %i … Continue reading

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