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Get-Clipboard and Set-Clipboard Cmdlets

In earlier betas of PowerShell there was an implementation of get-clipboard and set-clipboard in the .NET 2.0 RTM drop those cmdlets were removed.  Bummer.  Ever since I discovered wcopy/wpaste in MKS Toolkit I’ve been a big fan on having a … Continue reading

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“Monad” Book Now Available

I just picked up the first book I’ve seen on Monad from my local Barnes & Noble.  It is titled "Monad".  The author is Andy Oakley (a Microsoftie) and the publisher is O’Reilly.  A very quick perusal indicates to me … Continue reading

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MSH: Script to Search Files Checked into Team Foundation Version Control

Scripts like this, no matter what version control system you use, are very handy.  This particular one is designed to work with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Version Control.  It search recursively from whatever directory you run it from.   # ———————————————————————# … Continue reading

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MSH: New Script Center on MSDN

Check out the MSH Script Center on the MSDN web site.  It looks to be a promising collection of very handy scripts.

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MSH: Some Handy Team Foundation Aliases

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Version Control (that’s a mouthful) comes with a handy command line interface which is a life saver for allowing TFVC to be scripted. The utility you use is called TF.EXE.  You use it … Continue reading

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MSH: Script to Import File Version History into Team Foundation Version Control

We have some projects on an older version control product called Hewlett-Packard SoftbenchCM.  It is basically networked RCS.  In order to migrate our file history into Team Foundation version control I wrote a MSH script to do the heavy lifting.  In principle it is … Continue reading

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MSH: Get Extended Properties of a File

If you right click on an image file in Windows explorer and then go to the Summary tab you will see some handy properties listed there like the image’s width, height and bit depth.  Wouldn’t it be handy to be … Continue reading

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