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PowerShell Community Extensions 2.0 Beta Released

We have released a new beta of PSCX that is complete module based and as such, only works with Windows PowerShell 2.0.  You can have both 1.2 and 2.0 installed on the same system.  You just alternate between Add-PSSnapin for … Continue reading

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Waiting for Out-GridView Windows to Close

This came up on StackOverflow and thought it was worth reposting here.  It shows how fancy you can get with low-level Win32 API calls using the new Add-Type cmdlet.  The following code essentially checks for the existence of *any* window … Continue reading

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Windows PowerShell Localized Online Help

Fresh from the PowerShell team: Enjoy!

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Windows PowerShell MVP Award for 2010

Just got the notice today.  Woohoo!  I expect 2010 to be a banner year for PowerShell as Windows 7 spreads PowerShell out to more folks than ever before and as usual, I’ll do what I can to help folks grok … Continue reading

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