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New Name for Monad – Windows PowerShell!

This morning at the Microsoft Management Summit Microsoft announced that Monad / Microsoft Command Shell has been renamed to Windows PowerShell!  Here’s a TG Daily article covering the announcement.  Shell scripts will now use a file extension of .PS1.  The "1" … Continue reading

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MSH Community Extensions (MSH CX) Workspace is Up

I finally found the time to post the little bit of code that I had (Get-Clipboard / Out-Clipboard) to this GotDotNet workspace.  Right away James Manning of the TFS team had some code to contribute – awesome.  He’s added a Team … Continue reading

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Writing Cmdlets with PowerShell Script

One of the really cool features of MSH is that you can write functions that behave like cmdlets.  This is nice since you don’t have to immediately drop down to C# and write a PS Snapin just to get "cmdlet … Continue reading

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