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PowerShell Function Names

PowerShell allows you to use many different characters in your function names besides [_aA-zZ][_aA-zA0-9], which is the typical regex recipe for function and method identifiers in a fair number of languages.  However, in PowerShell you have a much larger palette … Continue reading

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Image File Resizing Using the PowerShell Community Extensions

A reader asked me about using PowerShell to process image files.  While PowerShell doesn’t natively support doing this you could perform this task by using PowerShell’s support for .NET which supports image resizing.  However if you have the PowerShell Community … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Media Center Update

The problem we were seeing with movie DVD playback has been fixed!  NVidia released a Windows 7 driver update for the GeForce 6200 video card in late February.  I installed it two weeks ago and we haven’t had any problems … Continue reading

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Customizing PowerShell ISE with Yank Line CustomMenu Item

I was excited to hear that the PowerShell ISE editor was based on the new WPF editor that will ship in Visual Studio 2010.  However I was disappointed when I couldn’t find one of my favorite shortcuts in the script … Continue reading

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Effective Windows PowerShell: The Free eBook

I’ve gotten some requests to turn my Effective PowerShell blog posts into booklet form which I have done.  I expect that this document will grow over time as I add new items.  If you have feedback (typos, suggestions, etc) please … Continue reading

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Effective PowerShell Item 14: Capturing All Output from a Script

Both version 1 and version 2 of Windows PowerShell have a nasty limitation when it comes to capturing *all* output from a script.  First up, within a script there is no way to redirect host (Write-Host), verbose, warning and debug … Continue reading

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