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Effective PowerShell Item 10: Understanding PowerShell Parsing Modes

The way PowerShell parses commands can be surprising especially to those that are used to shells with more simplistic parsing like CMD.EXE.  Parsing in PowerShell is a bit different because PowerShell needs to work well as both an interactive command … Continue reading

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Updated My Zune30 to Version 2.2

Wow!  How cool is it that Microsoft didn’t leave the early adopters of the Zune out in the cold WRT the features available in the new Zune models.  I just updated my PC side Zune software and my device and … Continue reading

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PowerShell v2 CTP Help File

The PowerShell team has made a CHM help file available for v2.  This should be a useful learning tool.  You can download it from here.  Check out the help topic on keyboard shortcuts.  Nice but they are missing one handy … Continue reading

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PowerShell v2 CTP is Out

The PowerShell has released the v2 CTP out into the wild.  Remember what I said earlier about evaluating this on either a throw away test PC image or a Virtual PC image.  You can get the bits from the link … Continue reading

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PowerShell v2 CTP Coming Next Week

So our first peek at what is coming in v2 of PowerShell is nearly here.  There are a couple of provisos you should be aware of.  This is a community technology "preview".  It isn’t even of beta quality.  Second, it … Continue reading

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