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Occasionally folks want to be able to create an EXE from PoweShell.  PowerShell can’t do this by itself but this can be done with PowerShell script.  Essentially what you can do is create a simple console EXE program that embeds … Continue reading

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Determining $ScriptDir Safely

We had some boiler plate code that we always put into our scripts to set strict mode and to compute $ScriptDir so the script can load other scripts relatively to its location.  This boiler plate code is simple: #requires –Version … Continue reading

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Quickly checking if a problem is a PowerShell problem or a module/snapin/proxy-function problem.

We all tend to customize our PowerShell environment via our Profile.ps1 script.  Whether we load up snapins, modules, our own functions, etc.  And with PowerShell 2.0, you can even “proxy” cmdlets such that you get to intercept calls to cmdlets … Continue reading

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