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If “Scheme is Love” and “Lisp is Sin”, then PowerShell is “CLI Heaven”

I found Sriram Krishnan’s blog entry titled "Lisp is sin" an interesting read.  It got me thinking about how the Microsoft Command Shell (renamed to Windows PowerShell) fits into the dynamic scripting language world.  Now the PowerShell designers would probably tell you that it is first and foremost an … Continue reading

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MSH Beta 3 is Available

Grab the bits here:   x86: Besides bug fixes there is a new snapin model for adding in your own custom cmdlets without have to create a separate shell.  More later as I get a chance to … Continue reading

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Curious About Which Versions of the MS CRT Are In Use?

Try this PowerShell command:   PS:1 # gps | select processname -expand Modules -ea SilentlyContinue | >>     where {$_.ModuleName -like "msvc*.dll"} | >>     group {$_.ModuleName} | format-list     Name   : MSVCP71.dllCount  : 12Group  : {CCAPP, CCEVTMGR, CCSETMGR, EDICT, iexplore, msimn, msn, NAVAPSVC,          NPFMNTOR, … Continue reading

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Calculating File Size Stats Using Measure-Object

Measure-Object is a very useful function that provides basic aggregate functions similar to the ones found in SQL.  For instance, I wanted to know some basic stats on my music files.  Perfect job for PowerShell and Measure-Object.  Here’s what I executed:   … Continue reading

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How Many Blog Posts for 2005

I was curious as to how many blog posts I’ve made on my external blog.  The perfect job for PowerShell.  Here’s a quick interactive console session that tells me I posted 21 entries (I had 182 on my company internal … Continue reading

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