Effective Windows PowerShell: The Free eBook

I’ve gotten some requests to turn my Effective PowerShell blog posts into booklet form which I have done.  I expect that this document will grow over time as I add new items.  If you have feedback (typos, suggestions, etc) please drop me a line.

Download free Effective Windows PowerShell eBook.

[Updated 3/12/09:]
Corrections from Aleksandar – thanks!
*Page 9, PS> $proc =>
PS> $procs
[Updated 3/16/09:] Correction from Thorsten – thanks!
*Page 9, PS> $result | foreach {$_.GetType().Fullname}  =>
PS> $result = bar
PS> $result | foreach {$_.GetType().Fullname}

*Page 12, Get-Item * | Where {$_.PSIsContainer} | Push-Location -passthru | Foreach {du; Pop-Location} =>
Get-Item * | Where {$_.PSIsContainer} | Push-Location -passthru | Foreach {du .; Pop-Location}
[Updated 3/22/09:] Correction from Sergey – thanks!
*Page 36 , “… it isn’t obvious based on the ByPropertyValue …” =>
“… it isn’t obvious based on the ByPropertyName …”

[Updated 9/07/09:] Added chapters for Error Handling and using $OFS

psmdtag:book – Effective Windows PowerShell eBook

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16 Responses to Effective Windows PowerShell: The Free eBook

  1. Mashti says:

    Hi Sir,

    First, Thanks for your great Articles.
    Second, your Free eBook Link does not work.
    Please give new Link.

    Thanks again

  2. rkeithhill says:

    Updated the download. Apparently the SkyDrive links didn’t migrate correctly from Windows Live Spaces.

  3. Mashti says:

    great EBook
    Thank you very much

    best regards

  4. script addict says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make this excellent resource available.


  5. Ali Amer says:

    can you provide here the link to download

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  7. John Blog says:

    Hi! I just wish to give you a huge thumbs up for the great info you have right here on this post. I am returning to your site for more soon.

  8. John says:

    Sir, Thank you very much.

  9. Felix says:

    Very good work, thanks a lot!

    Just a side note: If I am not mistaken, the current PDF does include the chapter about using $OFS, but not item 16 “Dealing with Errors”?

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  12. If you ever could produce a .mobi version, that would be awesome (and nicer to read on a Kindle!)


  13. Claudio says:

    Link to e-book is not working.

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